Allegany College of Maryland - Bedford County Campus
contact: Denise Bouch
18 North River Lane, Everett PA 15537

Allegany College of Maryland is committed to individualized learning and to meeting the educational and career needs of every student. The College has always placed emphasis on new educational ideas which speak to the positive aspects of learning. For instance, its instructional practices recognize individual differences among students. Allegany College of Maryland offers a diversity of coursework ranging from programs designed for transfer to four-year colleges and universities to career oriented programs for those interested in immediate entry into the workforce. The Early College Program offers a high school student the opportunity for a head start on their college career tuition free! Students are admitted who have graduated from a high school accredited either by its own state department of education or by a regional accrediting association recognized by the United States Office of Education, or who have received a high school equivalence certificate or high school equivalency diploma issued by the state.

Everett Area School District
427 East South Street, Everett PA 15537
814-652-9114, Ext. 202 (fax) 652-6191

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