Everett Area Recreational Opportunities

The Everett Area is teaming with outdoor opportunities from fishing, hunting, skiing, golfing, boating, hiking and biking. The town even boasts its own park with a nature trail. This secluded park is easily accessible and provides a great place for a day hike with the family or a place to picnic while touring the other local attractions.

The Raystown Branch of the Juniata River is a wealth of opportunity for those interested in getting a little wet. Or you can walk its splendid banks to enjoy the beauty of the area. The river is a state designated water trail and is designated as a Gateway to the Chesapeake Bay. Fishing on the river is a great way to pass the day or just experience a canoe trip to enjoy the tranquility and beauty that this river offers those who choose to explore it. For further information on fishing and boating visit: www.fish.state.pa.us/.

To explore the vast number of public hiking trails and the natural beauty of Buchanan State Forest, named after the 15th President James Buchanan, visit: www.dcnr.state.pa.us/forestry/stateforests/buchanan.aspx.

The Everett Area is at one of the many intersections of the Mid-state Trail: www.kta-hike.org/mid.htm. Additional hiking information is available at www.bedford.net/canoe/hiking.htm.

A developing showcase for recreation in the area is the conversion of an abandoned stretch of PA Turnpike property into a recreational trail. This trail, purchased by the Southern Alleghenies Conservancy is currently being developed and is open to visitors.

Many other recreational opportunities are available in the Everett and surrounding areas. Championship golf courses are readily available for those wishing to pursue some relaxation on the links.

There are opportunities to visit game preserves and elk raising farms and a buffalo ranch. For the skier, there is Blue Knob State Park, and the serious boater can travel to Raystown lake.

The Everett area is a place to come with your family to enjoy those outings that create lifetime memories for all the members of your family. Come enjoy life in the Hometown of the Alleghenies.







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